2018 Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival Committee Members:

Kenny Pittman, President  757.377.7495      Susan Corvello, Vice-President 757.876.5723
Rae Pittman, Secretary 757.869-1994            Janet Appel,Treasurer

Advertising:                                                             Information Booth:
Susan Corvello 757.876.5723                                   Jonathan Judkins 757.870.4460                     
Kenny Pittman 757.377.7495                                   Rae Pittman 757.651.2150
Heather Werner 757.651.1390                                                                                      

Food Vendors:                                                    Music & Entertainment:  
Roxanne Pittman 757.646.0409                            Wanda Pittman 757.377.9243
                                                                                       Brittany Bazemore 804.691.2283

Kids' Corner:                                                          Meredith Blythe 804.731.2188
Susan Corvello 757.876.5723
Brittany Aultman 757.345.1799                              Pine:

                                                                                       John Smith 804.347.2090

Parking:                                                                 Nance Smith 804.370.5010

Walter Pittman

Parking:                                                                    Tony Seward

Barry Roach                                                                Breyon Pierce

Bill Roach

Peanuts:                                                                 Arts & Crafts:
Glen Pierce 757.870.6757                                         Lynn Thornton 757.810.4132

                                                                                       Rae Pittman 757.869.1994
Scott Bazemore 757.784.3327                                 Chamber of Commerce:
Brittany Bazemore 804.691.2283                          Ray Phelps 757.328.7239

Sponsors:                                                               Chippokes Park Personnel:  
Jonathan Judkins  757.870.4460                            Kathryn Lane 757.650.8138 (Volunteer Coordinator)

Meredith Blythe 804.731.2188                                Ben Richard 757.345.1292 (Park Manager)

Nance Smith 804.370.5010
Also:                                                                         Website:
Brian Pittman 757.651.2150                                    Monique Barnes website@porkpeanutpinefestival.org 

Scott Corvello

David Barnes

Bill Richardson

The committee meets every 3rd Tuesday, 7 pm at Farmers United. 

New volunteers are always welcome!

 Admission:  $5 (Single Entry)

                        $10 (Entry of 2 or more)

                        Small Passenger Buses $25

                        Motor Coach Buses $50

SATURDAY  -  JULY 21st  10 am to 7 pm & SUNDAY - JULY 22nd, 2018 12 pm to 5 pm

Pork, Peanut, Pine Festival Committee

P.O. Box 116

Surry, VA  23883


E-mail: info@porkpeanutpinefestival.org


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